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A Conversation With: Enna Ye

To be Chinese is to be born into a rich and expansive food culture – a pretty complicated one where love, regret, celebration and forgiveness are all more often shown through cooking than through words. For Enna Ye, her love of cooking runs in the blood - her parents moved to New Zealand from China in 1989, setting up a popular Chinese takeaway shop in Mangere, Auckland.

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A Conversation With: HINA

Not long after launching LOCLAIRE, one of my stockists mentioned a customer of theirs who bought an outfit to wear to the APRA Silver Scroll Awards. I was intrigued, but with little detail I couldn’t put a face to the name for a long time. Somewhere down the line we were properly introduced, and I am now so proud to call Amy my friend. 

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A Conversation With: Jen Carr

We open VOICES with one of my best friends, Jen Carr. One of the kindest, funniest, and most well-read souls I am grateful to know. This past year has seen me miss her biggest milestone yet, and, on the verge of motherhood, I am about to miss another.

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