LOCLAIRE is a responsible womenswear brand committed to a more sustainable future. Created with a desire to transform the current fashion system, our philosophy champions the journey, the power of knowledge, and above all, compassion for our people and planet.

Our collections are small and considered, defined by premium fabrications, impeccable tailoring and quality craftsmanship. Whilst we reject quick trends and overstimulation, our approach to longevity is never boring, lingering in the balance between timeless yet extraordinary, luxurious yet lived in. Intimate details appear where you least expect, encouraging wearability and styling based on individual instinct.

In October 2020, increasingly feeling burdened by both the state of our industry and the world as a whole, we took a leap of faith and launched our new made-to-order model. Zero waste, completely inclusive sizing, transparent pricing, and locally-made - this has given us an entirely new sense of purpose, and personally - has restored hope and optimism that together, we can truly change the world for the better.



Partners Frances Lowe and Adi Komari launched LOCLAIRE in 2019, with a vision to realise a brand as competent and modern in its morals, as in its aesthetics. With an estimated 80% of a product’s environmental impact decided at the design stage, Lowe is determined to educate herself and those around her to consider a conscious wardrobe.

Designing smarter begins with rigorous fabric research – selecting fibers based on water and chemical usage, their natural durability, the mill’s ethical standards. Wastage is a complex issue, resolved through clever patternmaking, small one-off projects, and donating offcuts to be repurposed. Our collections are made in Auckland, New Zealand, allowing an engaged connection with our makers and the entire production process.

If you want to learn more, please drop us an email at hello@loclaire.com


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