LOCLAIRE in nature surrounded by water


To be truly sustainable is to have no impact on our people and our planet. We acknowledge that we are far from this – however we pledge to lead with these values in mind with every decision we make.

LOCLAIRE is a modern New Zealand womenswear brand that combines responsible, mindful values with a luxurious and timeless aesthetic. Our mission is to educate and inspire through clothes; to encourage living in a more conscious way, with the least impact on our people and our planet.   

Our collections are defined by premium fabrications and modern tailoring. Femininity materialises in strong silhouettes, elegant draping, and sporty details; encouraging wearability and styling based on individual instinct. An effortless vision of confidence and grace, LOCLAIRE pieces are made to grow and evolve alongside you as life-long friends.


Our Purpose

Fashion is an industry long based upon broken systemic issues, which largely remain out of sight, out of mind. Supply chain complexity means that problems can often snowball into adversely affecting many areas of a garments lifecycle. For example, carcinogenic chemicals going into making a fabric can be life-threatening to the workers who make it, the chemical run-off at the factory will be detrimental to the environment, the finished product is bad for the customer whose skin it sits next to, and at the end of its life it will release these toxic chemicals back into the atmosphere. This is just one example!

LOCLAIRE was born with a burning desire to create change. We are committed to changing how we perceive and consume the clothes we wear every single day. We will continuously challenge ourselves to do better, from the start of our supply chain right through to your wardrobe. Learn and grow with us, ask questions, and love your clothes as you do your best friend.

If you want to learn more, please drop us an email at hello@loclaire.com.


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